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Why work with Magneto?

Owned by eBay, Magento continues to evolve. In just a few years, Magento has become one of the most sought-after e-commerce solutions in the world of internet and web development. It has even become a must, since it guarantees sales of around 250,000 sites worldwide. Among the reasons why users use it is its efficiency, richness, performance, reliability, robustness, scalability and flexibility.

Version 2 of Magento

Available since the end of 2015, Magento 2 is an improved version of Magento 1. But what does it bring about changes in the creation and operation of an e-commerce site? Given the importance of the stakes it could bring in the world of business and e-commerce strategy, it must be mastered. Indeed, this solution is part of the best ecommerce platform to design an online sales site. It makes it easier to develop an online store since it is easier to develop and easier to handle. But its main asset lies in its cost of implementation very affordable and its operation easily accessible.

What Magento brings?

Magento allows an ecommerce to have a global and international vision thanks to its flexibility and capacity to increase in power. As far as its technical side, it has a very good performance. More secure compared to other solutions, it is also a robust platform. However, it is open to various mobile terminals. If you wanted to trade with other systems, magento has the ability to do so. As far as its community is concerned, it is active and wide with a large network of local partners, certified and experienced. The developments of the best ecommerce platform are progressing at a good pace, with significant improvements to each release. As a result, users of this solution must also follow the changes and inquire from time to time to be aware of the changes made with the solution. To do this, they have to do research on the internet. The best is to subscribe on official sites and thus, we get alerts every time about the updates available.

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